Ascorbyl Palmitate Source of Vitamin C in Lifecell Skin Cream

The more you say about Lifecell Skin Cream, the less it seems. But this aging cream is such that no one can resist praising the cream. The reviews about the cream are 100% original and the biggest surety about effectiveness of the cream. Those are customers which not only got satisfactory results from Lifecell Skin Cream but also benefited manifolds from the cream.

In the recent few posts we have talked a lot about various aspects of Lifecell Skin Cream, especially about the ingredients. This post is also centered on the same but this time a very interesting ingredient is including in this list. No doubt all the previous ingredients were extra ordinary yet this one is exceptional one.

The series about the Lifecell Skin Ingredient is same, just yet another useful ingredient of this cream. In today’s edition we enumerate the marvelous effects of Ascorbyl Palmitate which provides the essential Vitamin C to skin.

Today’s LifeCell Skin Ingredient: – Ascorbyl Palmitate

How Does Ascorbyl Palmitate Works?

Ascorbyl Palmitate is an ester formed by combining ascorbic acid and palmitic acid. This reaction creates a soluble fat formation of Vitamin C. Ascorbyl Palmitate is also a strong antioxidant which is another plus point for the cream. Combining both features we get some of the most noted benefits, which in turn reflect as strong and beautiful skin.

Benefits of Ascorbyl Palmitate

  1. Being the source of Vitamin C, Ascorbyl Palmitate has varied positive effects on the skin. Some of them have been cataloged below. Being a strong antioxidant it acts a cleanser of the skin removing any of the free radicals present. This saves the skin from the harmful effects and damage caused by them. Hence presence of Ascorbyl Palmitate in the Lifecell Skin acts a protector.
  2. Stimulated by Ascorbyl Palmitate, production of New Collagen increases which see to the drastic reduction in the skin thinning effect. Apart from this you also become immune to any allergies and reactions, while the skin becomes smoother and radiant.
  3. Ascorbyl Palmitate is the source of Vitamin c, which is known fact. But this fact is helpful in strengthening the blood capillaries on the face.
  4. It reduces age spot and reduces pigmentation significantly. Enhances the skin texture and its tonal quality thus giving you a radiant skin.

Retains the moisture of your skin, so that your skin appears fresh and young all the time.


With so many plus points and having such a powerful ingredient as Ascorbyl Palmitate, Lifecell Skin Cream is a complete solution to the skin aging problems. Trust this anti aging cream as it delivers what it says, and feel the youth return to you in form the flawless skin.

Till my next post, make up your mind and buy a Lifecell Skin Cream immediately and see the effects for your self.

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