Glowing Skin With A Rejuvenating Beauty Soak – Part 1

If you have had a stressful and tired day out at work, one thing that you would love to do on reaching back home is- soak yourself in your bathtub filled with warm water. How about if it could even nourish your skin to youth & beauty? Yes, you it guessed it right- a beauty bath!

A daily bath helps you keep yourself hygienic. A beauty bath- term most often related by people with a high priced bath at spa- rejuvenates your mind & body. Not many people have enough time and money to avail the luxurious facilities at a spa, so why not create your own beauty soak at home. With a little effort you can achieve beauty, hygiene and health altogether at your own personal spa- your bathroom!

Don’t you just love that velvety softness of rose? So why not self prepare a rose petal bath for velvety soft skin. Here’s how.

Rose Petal Bath Soak -  Ingredients

  1. Muslin cloth
  2. A string (to tie)
  3. Dry rose petals
  4. Epsom salts
  5. Rose fragrance oil
  6. Oat powder or oats


Step One: Take a bowl and combine the Epsom salts and fragrance oil together. Here we have mentioned rose oil for a rose soak but you can experiment with fragrances of your choice.

Step Two: Place the rose petals on an absorbent towel in the microwave and turn it to high for a minute or two. Take it out after two minutes and let all the steam evaporate. Here are your dry rose petals. Now mix them with oat or oat powder.

Step Three: Cut the muslin cloth into equal squares and fill them with equal amounts of salt and petal mixtures. To make your mixture look pretty you can use different colored rose petals.

Step Four: Tie the square pieces with a string each. While filling your bathtub, hang the mixture sachet from the tap. Allow the running water to infuse the mixture into the water tub. Put off the lights & light some candles. Enjoy the rosy dip with a calm and soothing atmosphere.

We have a lot of secret preparations for a perfect bath soak. So stay tuned for our next edition on the soak bath series. Happy soak bath till then!

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